Playful, Risky Love- 1.1

Session 1, Entry 1 | Participants: Juliana Meadows (ZBSims Siblings) Tatsuya Ikeda (Ikeda Legacy)


On the island of Windenburg there is a small cottage, enough to fit about 8 people if you’re lucky. The house is filled with random mood items so it will be interesting to see how all of the soon to be lovers will act around each other. I think, then quietly laugh to myself. It will be interesting to see how I act. 


02-16-16_9-01-29 PM.png

I tune back into reality and shake away those thoughts. I need to finish up quick before they get here. Smiling, I resume cooking up a meal for the guests. Little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a ding sounds around the cottage. I carry the food and set it on the table for the hungry Sims.

02-16-16_8-33-44 PM

The sound of the door opening and closing, alerts me the first guest has arrived.

I turn around and wave to him, “Hey! I’m Zach, the owner of the Playful, Risky Love branch of the Freezer Bunny Dating Franchise! You are our first guest and we are glad to have you. You must be Tatsuya Ikeda, “

“Yup,” he says then walks over to the table, grabs two servings, and heads up stairs to the computer.

02-16-16_8-34-11 PM

A few minutes pass and I sit at the table eating. I finish my food and start washing the dishes that were left. As I am doing that the next guest walks in.

I waved and then recited my speech and she smiled, told me her name was Juliana Meadows, then walked upstairs similar to Tatsuya.

02-16-16_7-24-58 PM02-16-16_7-25-08 PM

They both just played on the computer, without even noticing the other existed. I decided to step in and give a ‘helpful push’. I walked into the weight room and turned on some music, hoping it would draw them downstairs. Thankfully it worked.

02-16-16_7-26-15 PM

The first one who came down was Juliana. She ran to the stereo and started dancing. Soon after Tatsuya followed.

02-16-16_7-25-57 PM

Tatsuya  looked at her and smiled then changed into his workout clothing and got onto the treadmill, possibly trying to woo Juliana? As he was running he turned around and gave her this look. Why or what it is, we may never know.

02-16-16_7-26-18 PM

Soon after they got into a nice conversation about all kinds of things, their backstories, their likes and dislikes, and all kinds of things, until Juliana changed the subject in the wrong way. Knowing this could end up really bad for them, and for me who will be stuck in the crossfire, I ran in and challenged them to a game.

02-16-16_7-27-04 PM

We started playing ‘Don’t Wake the Llama’ and it went really well, except from the fact that it was silent the entire time, well, at least until I decided to start taking.

“So where are you guys from? What’s your story?” I asked trying to start up a conversation the two of them just stared at each other seeing who will answer first.

“Well I guess I’ll speak up first. I’m from the 9th generation of the Ikeda family, 6th of the seven children. I’m one of the triplets from that generation, I know, triplets. So yeah, also I’ve been described as a slob, a glutton, and a geek,” he said.

“Heh, not my type,” Juliana said with a smirk, “Well my story, where do I begin? I guess you could call me mean or ‘that’ girl, but I prefer diva,” she said winking at us. “So I grew up with only a dad and two older brothers, fun right, oh by the way my mom died when I was born and that made my dad sorta blame me. So basically that meant I was basically neglected. Going through all that crap as soon as I turned into a teen I left and that was the end, all that is history so yeah,” she ended her sentence while looking down at her feet in somewhat of a shameful manor.

Trying to avoid any emotional breakdowns on the first day I decided it would be best to go out and meet some people.

02-16-16_7-28-49 PM

We ended up going to a pool that wasn’t to far away from the lodge. It as a small treetop pool not in the greatest shape, but it’s still a pool. When we got there I sat down at the table and read while the other two went swimming. Now that I hear myself saying that I sound like a dadI think to myself, then chuckle.

02-16-16_7-30-03 PM

I walked up to the pool area to see how they were doing and if they had met anyone. Juliana was having a good time while swimming around.

02-16-16_7-30-14 PM

I looked to Tatsuya and he didn’t look to happy. I watched them for a little bit and pointed to Nancy Langrabb. He smiled back and got up to talk with her. Their conversation went really well until he found out she was married.

02-16-16_7-33-24 PM

Soon we decided to leave because, well, look. The pool became over ran with children. The next stop was the nightclub.


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